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Benefits of Total Solar Energy Solutions

Convenient, Social and Fun

Efficient, economic, practical and easy-to-use products that extend quality time with family and friends.

Savings and Additional Income

Years of free energy: no more bills nor recurring purchases (candles, kerosene, batteries, cost for phone charging, etc.).


Solutions that can be carried from one room to another and used indoors or outdoors.

Complete independence from any distribution network. Ability to extend working hours after nightfall.


Products that don't generate CO2 emissions or toxic fumes. Products that don't require biomass (wood, coal, etc.).


Being able to charge your phone saves time and enables you to keep in touch with loved ones.


  • A robust design, made to last. LIGHTING GLOBAL certification.
  • 2-year warranty.

Health and Safety

A clean and safe alternative to traditional energy sources (which emit smoke and can cause fires).

Children can study safely.