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Quality Tested - Quality Proven

At TotalEnergies, we are committed to our customers to be a  solution provider and enhance the performance of their engines. Being a point of reference is TotalEnergies Uganda’s major. As we re-assure our customers the quality and excellence of our products, we have established a well fully fledged state-of-art laboratory for fuels.

The lab is equipped with the best and modern technology which is run and used by a team of highly qualified and well trained staff.

The technology and equipment deployed in this facility allows us to a number of tests including flash point, distillation, density, conductivity and many others.

As we continue to Give Meaning To Town, these tests allow us to maintain the quality of fuel we receive in the supply chain and also ONLY supply to our customers high quality fuels that are free from any contamination and of standards that match their engines for ;

  • Maintaining optimum engine performance
  • Cleaning engines while consuming less
  • Lesser pollution  and many more advantages