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Our partners


Our partners

TotalEnergies LUBRICANNTS stay ahead of technological change, adjust to international specifications, and meet industrial requirements. To this end, TotalEnergies has built strong partnerships with international origniamanufacturers.

TotalEnergies partners In Uganda are : 


TotalEnergies Uganda is partners with Motorcare to supply their range of lubricants.


TotalEnergies and Swedish automotive manufacturer SCANIA collaborate on the development of lubricants that are specially designed for trucks and buses.


In 2011, Korean automaker KIA motors Corporation and TotalEnergies entered into a 5 year international "cooperation" agreement.TotalEnergies became KIA's recommended partner for lubricants sold across all KIA's after sales service outlets in participating countries.


The collaboration between TotalEnergies and RENAULT TRUCKS started in 1979 with the development of the Renault Trucks Oils (RTO) product ranges. The two companies have renewd their partnership contract until January 2016. This applies to all countries where RENAULT TRUCKS and TotalEnergies conduct commercial activities.