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TotalEnergies is committed to developing solar energy with a programme aimed at equipping 5,000 service stations around the world with solar panels, including nearly 2345 in Africa.

In Uganda, TotalEnergies is taking part in this programme, which is enabling equipped stations to cover part of their energy needs.. The aim is to have solarized 120 service stations by the end of 2023.

And that’s not all! In order to make this solar energy accessible to everyone. TotalEnergies has developed a range of solar lamps adapted to all daily needs. Reliable and affordable, these lamps are available in most TotalEnergies service stations in Uganda.

Solar challenge : ready to shine ?

Want to become a solar energy champion? Achieve your best score by playing this fun and interactive game on solar energy.


From its production to its use

Follow the path of solar energy from the production of photovoltaic panels to its transformation into electricity for the everyday needs

1. Here is where it all starts

To supply solar energy, silicon must be extracted. It is found in various forms quartz sand, but also sandstone or shale. The remainder consists of metals, such as aluminum.

2. And then, we transform!

Silicon is transported to the plant. It will serve to create solar panels that will be installed in our stations, and also to create solar lamps of the sunshine range!

3. The arrival at the service station

TotalEnergies relies on a solid network of partners to ensure that the installation of the panels in the stations complies with safety and quality requirements.

4. Let’s heave!

Awning, store, wash bay, parking shade, walls, solar panels can be installed on all types of buildings or even directly on the ground, on our green elds.

5. A lot of sunshine on the shelves

In order to give as many people as possible access to quality lighting, the Sunshine range of solar products, which includes 3 lamps and 1 kit, are available in our shops.

6. Solar pannels auto-power the service station

Thanks to the solar panels, the light collected supplies electricity to the station’s equipment. At night, batteries release part of the energy accumulated during the day.

7. The city also benets from it

The solar energy is not limited to the service station. TotalEnergies also offer solar street lamps lighting roads, villages and schools, among others…

8. Safety for everyone

At nightfall, the portable sunshine solar lamp allows you to move around or to go home safely.

9. Extend the day

Thanks to their high luminosity and durability, Sunshine solar lamps allow you to light up and share moments of conviviality in the middle of the night.

10. All the way home

Thanks to solar energy, it is possible to have fun or study even after dark! TotalEnergies provides powerful lighting for houses that are not connected to the electrical grid.

Sunshine: a lamp bursting with energy

Our solutions for consumers

Discover the advantages of our Sunshine solar products: lamps bursting with energy!