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29/04/2019 News

President Marketing and Services visits Total Uganda

Momar NGUER, President, Marketing & Services and member of the Group Executive Committee visited Total Uganda one day after the group CEO and Chairman, Patrick POUYANNE.

He was warmly welcomed by the affiliate's CODIR and ushered to a town hall session with the staff. During his address and relating to the safety moment (MOSTOROD) which had just been shared, Momar re-emphasized the importance of safety. He related how safety to our customers is also seen as a guarantee for better quality. Failures in the safety arena such as seen at MOSTOROD are a failure on our part to uphold the faith that our stakeholders place in us; indeed we are offered some business opportunities simply because of the high standards we have been known to set.

He spoke of the 2018 group's performance results (as reported by Bloomberg) pointing out, how the Total share was the recommended purchase rather than a peer, all this simply because of a proven track record on improvement, growth and high quality standards. In MS, he expounded on the various strategic developments that the group is making all over the world. Such as opening a retail network in Mexico, Brazil, partnering to create a 1500 station network in India and 1000 Station network in China.

On Total Uganda, he congratulated the affiliate for the great performance in the last year and the recent quarter one results. He urged to continue on this path of excellence. Noting that the affiliate has had a long a successful history in the country.

Angela NAMUGOSA, Retail and Marketing Manager made the closing remarks and thanked him for taking time off his busy schedule to come and visit the affiliate and handed over a souvenir on behalf of Total staff.

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