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Women are special and need to be rewarded for their contribution and thus propose that TotalEnergies customers (both Male and female) "REWARD THAT SPECIAL WOMAN IN THEIR LIFE" during this special month where a special woman my be your Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Colleague, Friend etc.….

Therefore, in order to support this years celebrations, we at TotalEnergieshave tailor designed a 4 week (30 day) network driven Excellium offer aligned to Total Gas where a customer buys Excellium Petrol using the TotalEnergiescard at any TotalEnergiesService Station countrywide and stand a chance to reward that special woman in their life with TotalEnergies gas, cooking stoves or cookers. 


TIER 1 (200 winners)

Customers fuel for UGX 100,000, stand a chance to win a 12.5kg Total Gas refill Voucher valued at UGX 118,000 each

TIER 2 (100 winners)

Customers fuel for UGX 150,000, stand a chance to win a 2 plate gas stove valued at UGX 180,000 each

TIER 3 (50 winners )

Customers fuel for UGX 200,000, stand a chance to win a 4 plate gas stove valued at UGX 740,000 each

TIER 4 (Anyone who buys and meet the criteria)

Customers fuel 350 liters and automatically win a 12.5Kg Total gas full set.

To support the mechanics, below is the customer journey;

  • At the end of the 30 days a raffle randomeriser system will be used to select the 350 winners and each winner will receive a customized SMS notification.
  • The customers will then redeem their prizes at the station where they fueled from ONLY.


  • A random draw will run at the end of the period to pick the winners using a randomizer system (through the aggregator) for each tier and the list will be shared with the dealers.
  • Offer won is valid for 60 days with effect from 8th April 2019.


Using the TotalEnergies Card carries three main attributes i.e.

  • A bonus on loading (Earnings).
  • Discounts on Transaction (Saving).
  • Control of Expenditure (Managing expenses)