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Meet the Top 15 who were just a step away from becoming the Startupper of the Year or Top Female Entrepreneur in tUganda. All 15 will pitched their fantastic projects to the jury who selected the winners.

The SeatPack, is a schoolbag that performs the duties of a desk, by turning into a chair with a writing pad. Built for school children between ages 5 and 13 years whose classrooms have no furniture (due to under-facilitation/post-conflict/disaster).

Infants’ Health Foundation uses mobile nurses to avail free, quality and timely home based maternal-child healthcare services to mothers in remote villages of Uganda throughout pregnancy stages who face difficulties to reach out to health facilities.

Easy Matatu is a mobile app that provides carpooling using minibuses locally known as matatus. It lets a commuter book a ride on an Easy Matatu that will pick him up at a predefined time and stage along a specified route e.g Entebbe to Kampala.

Enimiro is creating an online farming platform in form of a mobile App to connect Ugandan smallholder farmers with local investors to increase harvest while enabling urban people to invest into farming and earn proceeds at just a click of a button.

Breast feeding in public can sometimes be unacceptable especially when one is classy and learned due to the inconvenience of going half naked. We have designed fashion trends with open princess seams across the bust area to make breast accessible.

Toto Voice Network works towards achieving Africa's development by promoting it's high end 7 elements Early Childhood Development namely; Play And Learn(PAL)Academy, TOTO Com, TOTO Amagara, TOTO Watching, TOTO Proofing, TOTO Nurturing and TOTO Clock.

Sayans academy is an informal learning space where out of school youth learn science and technology with real life application and develop actual tech businesses through rapid prototyping, self-learning and top notch mentoring program.

Digital Health Access is a platform connecting people to health professionals and providers via a mobile and web app.

M-SCAN is a low cost energy efficient portable ultrasound device that connects to Mobile phones, tablets or laptops to achieve ultrasound especially in resource limited parts of Uganda and Africa at large.

Medvac's project is a design of a vaccine carrier with added features like, tray boxes, hinged lid, temperature monitor, display, double straps, Reliable and cheaper for developing countries.

We focus on breaking fear of Science and Math at primary and secondary level in the rural settings. We address the paucity of creativity at elementary domains of learning through co-creation of relevant, innovative and applicable learning models.

Smart pepper spray is pepper spray with the Internet of things. It has a camera for image capture, capability to send the images via the Internet in an email; them texts and calls. It provides the user with defense, identity, response and evidence.

I-CREATE KIDS club facilitates the ability of Children aged 6 and above to think creatively and innovate solutions to their environment and the World. Their unique solutions are made functional using technology, science and art.


Careers Master which is a self-exploration and planning online program that helps students achieve their potential in school, career and life by redefining education in a career perspective while informing students about emerging career trends.

SWAPafrica is an online platform that allows all users (individuals and businesses) to swap, exchange or share resources like physical goods, skills, and services among themselves without necessarily using money. It is modernized online barter trade!