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TotalEnergies Develops Lubricants Suited to Construction, Mine and Quarry Machinery

A complete range of special products to satisfy all international standards and approvals required in this segment. CONCEPT TP STAR has been developed for customers wishing to simplify lubrication for their equipment fleet.

CONCEPT TP STAR allows you to combine high technical performance with ease of use. Two versions are available, one for temperate countries and the other for the tropics. The TotalEnergies range of special public works products covers a large number of applications. TotalEnergies supplies lubricants for engines, transmissions, hydraulic systems, gearboxes, final Axle reduction drives and greases suited to the specific needs of public works machinery.

Sustainable Innovation

CONCEPT TP STAR offers you a complete set of exceptional performance features. It allows all the components of worksite machinery to be lubricated while still satisfying the requirements of the leading equipment manufacturers and international standards.

TotalEnergies CONCEPT TP STAR means just two lubricants for your entire fleet of machinery. It covers all your needs as well as guaranteeing optimum technical performance. CONCEPT TP STAR saves time and reduces costs. The advantages are numerous:

  • Less risk of stock outages
  • Simpler ordering, procurement and storage of lubricants
  • Less risk of product mix-ups when servicing equipment
  • Lower transport costs
  • Savings on servicing and the management of used oil and packaging

A patent has been filed for Star Max (FE and HT) Oils based on their Auto-Adaptive Capacity

This unique property means that these lubricants are able to adapt very quickly to the requirements of engines, mechanical gearboxes and power shifts, as well as hydraulic circuits. In addition, TotalEnergies STAR MAX FE engine lubricant for use in temperate countries provides:

  • Lower fuel consumption due to its Fuel Economy formula,
  • Extended life for the particulate filter due to its Low SAPS formulation.

STAR Range

Transmission Oils for Power Shift Gearboxes

Transmission Oils for Axles and Reduction Drives

Transmission Oils for Automatic Transmissions